About Maybe The Point

Maybe The Point was founded in July 2015 as a place for the reviewer, one Matthew Darby, to house his book reviews. It’s a very new site, so only time will tell how the Internet reacts to such a revolutionary idea.


The book cover images are from the fantastic Goodreads, who fetch them from goodness knows where.

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About the Reviewer

The Fabulous Author Matthew Darby is growing old. He doesn’t know why this happens. There’s far too much to do, and it would take time away from his schedule to investigate such mundane matters. So without understanding why, he continues to waste away. With a book in one hand and an Old Fashioned in the other, he reclines on the sofa, stretching his full form across the cushions. This aggravates his room-mate, as he is also on the sofa. After a brief struggle, Matthew skulks out away to his room with an empty glass and heart.

A software engineer by trade, Matthew never understood art. At least, until the critics reclassified video games as art. Then he became a veritable Baudelaire. After years of education and writing code, he re-discovered his love of reading on long, boring journeys. Fortunately, life has given him an unlimited supply of such trips. After a couple of months of reading a few books weekly, Matthew decided that other people need to know what he thinks about books. Unfortunately, that meant writing a bio page on a blog. Would it be worth it? Only time would tell.